When I coach clients and corporate employees on incorporating healthy changes into their lifestyles, one of my go-to recommendations is to have them examine their lives holistically. In other words, they take inventory of each area of their lives to figure out what is fulfilled and what is lacking. Most people find that they have an imbalance – where they are emphasizing one area too much and neglecting another. I also do this exercise myself, to help me make decisions now and in the future that align with my goals and values. 

One of my personal goals for my wellness coaching and consulting business is to reach a broader audience to share my strategies and tips on how to live a fulfilling and happy life. I am on the path to achieving this through facilitating continuing legal education (CLE) programs in Illinois as well as through various speaking engagements. 

Today, I am thrilled to announce that I now have an additional platform! I have joined the American Bar Association’s Litigation News Board as the Attorney Health & Wellness columnist for the Litigation News magazine – a national news publication available online and in print that covers recent legal trends, offers analysis, and other hot topics including attorney wellness, which I am passionate about. 

I will be authoring articles quarterly on health and wellness topics geared toward helping attorneys find work-life harmony. Look for my first article in mid-summer! 

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