Create a Food-Mood Journal to Eat More Intuitively

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In addition to helping our bodies physically grow, restore, and repair, food also plays a role in how we feel. If there are times that you feel a slump or drained, it may be related to what you consumed at your previous meal. Tracking your food intake and mood after each meal will help identify … Read More

Recommended Health and Wellness Apps

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Health and wellness apps make it possible for us to stay accountable, and motivated and get quick tips and guidance at any time and anywhere. There are many to choose from so I have selected some of my recommended favorite health and wellness apps. I have also included information on pricing and age rating. Some … Read More

Baked Fish in Parchment Paper Recipe

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Baking fish in parchment paper packets is one of the easiest ways to cook a tasty fish dish. The fish absorbs the flavors of the rosemary and vegetables during baking, resulting in a tender, flaky, and delectable dish. Makes 4 Servings  INGREDIENTS 4 16-inch parchment paper sheets 4 fresh rosemary sprigs 4 white fish filets … Read More

New Year’s Wellness Challenge – Week 3

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Congratulations on making it halfway through the challenge! Creating healthy habits – and not restrictions – will help to crowd out unhealthy habits. In turn, a healthier, happier lifestyle will evolve.  Here are the challenges for this week. January 16: Eat 1-2 servings of fruit.  Nutrient composition varies from fruit to fruit, but all varieties … Read More