Getting Support When Starting Your Wellness Journey

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Making a conscious decision to embark on a wellness journey is a big step towards a happier, healthier life! Sometimes, however, when an individual decides to swap old habits for new, healthy ones, they may be met with resistance, especially from others who have the same unhealthy habits. For example, your partner may want to … Read More

The Benefits of Tracking Food

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When I first start working with a wellness client, I want to know what their typical day looks like, from what they eat to how they move their body. To get the most accurate picture with diet, I recommend they track their food intake for two weeks. Whether they track it in a journal or … Read More

Refresh Your Healthy Habits with a Fall Reset

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Summer’s the season when a healthy lifestyle path can get diverted by vacations, weekend getaways, family reunions, friends visiting, and much more. When Fall rolls around, I see many of my clients wishing to get back into their healthy lifestyle routines. For some, it’s easy and for others it’s more of a struggle but, as I like to … Read More

Five Essential Oils to Use as Natural Bug Repellents

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Being outdoors is lovely, except for one thing: bugs! Ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other insects can get in the way of your outdoor time – or make it downright unpleasant. If you’re searching for a non-chemical bug repellent solution, here are five essential oils that can be used as natural bug repellents. Note: These … Read More

Why Wear Sunscreen?

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As the summer sun heats up, be sure to replenish last year’s supply of sunscreen and find a routine that will protect you and your family’s skin from harmful UV rays. Despite extensive research surrounding sun-induced skin damage, the 2020 RealSelf Sun Safety Report found that only 11 percent of Americans wear sunscreen daily, and … Read More