The Benefits of Walking After a Meal

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If you’re looking to give your body a physical and mental boost, look no further than a post-meal stroll. Research by sports scientists in this article shows that there are multiple benefits to walking after a meal. Here is a synopsis of the article outlining the benefits of an after-dinner stroll. Improves Digestion The … Read More

Stress Management Using Mindfulness Techniques

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Eating a healthy diet is one key part to living a happy, healthy lifestyle. The other is managing stress. While there are foods that help you relax and reduce stress, research shows that mindfulness – or the “science of chill” – is a very effective way to further reduce your stress level and help keep … Read More

Prioritizing Mental Health in 2022

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The start of the New Year is notorious for lofty resolutions and hard-to-keep promises. With many workforces, schools and communities still mid-pandemic, the importance of prioritizing mental health and finding healthy goals that fit into your lifestyle and personality is a must for all of us. Over the last two years, Covid-19 has disrupted normalcy … Read More

10-Day New Year’s Challenge

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There’s no better time than a New Year to embark on healthy habits. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions – studies have shown that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail – try this 10-Day New Year’s Challenge instead. Over the next 10 days, challenge yourself to do the following things. Day 1: Write your … Read More

12 Days of Healthy Holidays Challenge

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While the holidays are a celebratory time of year to gather with friends and family, they can also be full of overindulgence and unwanted stress. I created this holiday challenge to add some healthy lifestyle boosters and de-stressors into your festive season. Plus, if you continue to include these healthy habits in your everyday routine, … Read More