Five Essential Oils to Use as Natural Bug Repellents

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Being outdoors is lovely, except for one thing: bugs! Ticks, mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and other insects can get in the way of your outdoor time – or make it downright unpleasant. If you’re searching for a non-chemical bug repellent solution, here are five essential oils that can be used as natural bug repellents. Note: These … Read More

Relaxing Activities To Do In Your Home This Summer


There’s nothing like sunny beach days during the summer months, and while lots of summer activities are spent outside, sometimes the heat gets in the way and you want to stay in your home. Don’t think of this as being confined to your house, think of it as a time to reset your mind (and … Read More

Outdoor Workouts to Do This Summer

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Move your workout to the outdoors to enjoy the warm and sunny days of summer! Changing up your exercise routine is wonderful for your body and mind. The benefits include: Beating the boredom of the same old workout Building new muscles Meeting new workout partners Breaking through a weight loss plateau Learning new exercise activities to fire … Read More

Why Wear Sunscreen?

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As the summer sun heats up, be sure to replenish last year’s supply of sunscreen and find a routine that will protect you and your family’s skin from harmful UV rays. Despite extensive research surrounding sun-induced skin damage, the 2020 RealSelf Sun Safety Report found that only 11 percent of Americans wear sunscreen daily, and … Read More

The Benefits of Walking After a Meal

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If you’re looking to give your body a physical and mental boost, look no further than a post-meal stroll. Research by sports scientists in this article shows that there are multiple benefits to walking after a meal. Here is a synopsis of the article outlining the benefits of an after-dinner stroll. Improves Digestion The … Read More