It’s been a month since we launched our 10-Day New Year’s Challenge. This challenge was meant for people to try a different healthy habit over the course of 10 days. At the end, I challenged everyone to choose 3 of the habits to adopt for the rest of the year.

To those who finished the 10-Day Challenge: Congratulations! Now I challenge you to adopt another habit for the month. Or maybe you want to try the 10 different challenges again and then adopt one? Do what feels right!

Did you miss out on the 10-Day Challenge?

No problem! It’s never too late to work towards a healthier lifestyle. I encourage you to start the challenge on your own. These healthy challenges are designed to be do-able for everyone. Below are the challenges with a brief description. Find full-length descriptions with examples and ideas for each challenge in this blog post.

  1. Write your ‘word’ of the year 

Pick a word of the year that will be the theme for this year on how you want to FEEL. Choose a word that motivates you to make healthier decisions in all types of situations such as food, fitness, mental health, relationships, and anything else that comes along the way.

  1. Eat at least 5 daily servings of vegetables and fruits 

One serving is 1 cup of raw vegetables or ½ cup of cooked vegetables or 1 medium-sized whole fruit (apple, orange, etc.,).

  1. Practice Gratitude 

Take a moment to truly appreciate the wonderful things that you’re blessed with. This is one of the ways that you can practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude ignites a positive feeling that helps spark happiness from within and gives you a positive outlook on life.

  1. Exercise Consistently 

Make a commitment to exercise consistently, starting today. Schedule in your exercise to your calendar as if it were a doctor’s appointment and if you have to cancel, reschedule it immediately.

  1. Eat protein at every meal 

Consistently eating protein throughout the day will boost your energy and keep you satiated. You can derive protein from meat, and a variety of non-meat choices.

  1. Hydrate Smart 

Aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

  1. Be a conscious consumer 

Be aware of what you’re buying and consuming. When you go to the grocery store, read food labels. If a product has a lot of ingredients and you must google many of them, it is not something that you want to put in your body. Further, many of us unknowingly purchase products from companies or corporations that we would not necessarily support ethically, socially, or philosophically. Do your research before you buy.

  1. Practice mindfulness (meditation, breathing exercises, journaling)

Being mindful is being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and how you’re physically feeling, without judgement. Incorporating mindfulness into your life can be as simple as engaging in breathing exercises as needed throughout the day, taking a moment or more to step away from what you’re doing and meditate, or recording your thoughts in a journal. Here are some tips on practicing mindfulness.

  1. Find an accountability partner 

Whether you are trying to lose weight, start an exercise program, or reach personal goals, an accountability partner can keep you motivated, on track, and be your cheerleader along the journey. You may find a reliable partner in a friend, family member, online group, colleague, or a wellness coach.

  1. Reduce your sugar intake 

A few easy ways to reduce your sugar intake include: eating fruit instead of a sweet processed snack, replacing soda with sparkling water infused with fruit, and reading labels to find hidden sugars (especially in unexpected items such as salad dressing, soup, and yogurt).

Adopting healthy habits can benefit you for a lifetime.

After you’ve tried each of these challenges over 10 days, choose 3 of them to adopt for the rest of the year. Then challenge yourself each month to add one additional item to your daily habits.

Healthy habits can help you decrease the risk of disease and stress, give you more energy, increase your happiness, lose weight, and more. Modeling healthy habits can also encourage people that surround you to try them too!

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