Who hasn’t fallen off the wagon from time to time?! Maybe you over indulged after a the long holiday weekend and your work clothes are feeling a little too snug. Or you’ve been so busy you haven’t made it to the gym in weeks.

Know that you are not alone and instead of stressing about it here are some easy steps to get you back on track in a jiffy.

  • First and foremost DO NOT beat yourself up!! This helps no one, especially not you. None of us are perfect and we all have off days or periods in our lives. Leave the past in the past and move on. Today is a new day PERIOD!!
  • The time is now, not tomorrow! How many times have you said to yourself I’ll just wait till next Monday to start my diet or when things slow down at work I’ll get back to the gym? And how many excuses have you come up with to keep extending this magic start date?! Enough said 😉
  • Be realistic. If you haven’t been to the gym in two months maybe going to Shred five times the first week back is not going to be very productive because you’ll just burn yourself out. Instead commit to 2 days a week and a long walk with your pup or weekend yoga class. Same thing with your diet. For instance, commit to getting in a few extra servings of fruits and veggies a day, having a green smoothie for breakfast (or even having breakfast), not snacking on junk after dinner…and so on.
  • You are more likely to stick to an exercise and meal plan if you schedule out your days. Do your best to stick to your routine and keep track of your progress in a journal. This will help you determine what works and doesn’t work for you long term. Even the most consistent of us get into slumps (yep me too) and taking a few weeks to focus can be extremely beneficial.
  • Enlist support. Tell your family and friends that you’re focused on getting your health back on track and ask for their support. Who knows they might want to join in. Take a FUN fitness class or cook a meal with your loved ones. You can also hire nutrition coaches and fitness professionals to help you with your progress and accountability or join an online community for a fraction of the cost.

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