Spring is in the air and so is Spring break! Whether you choose to stay home for a “staycation” or travel, make it a goal to keep up your healthy habits while on the break. This does not mean that you have to find a hotel with a gym! Instead, get your movement in while exploring a new city or your own town.

Healthy activity ideas to keep you moving on Spring break

Go antique shopping. Spend a day strolling through antique shops for little treasures or souvenirs or simply window shop.

Visit the local Farmers’ Market. Pick up local, in-season fruits and vegetables to enjoy at home or in your hotel. If you’re at home, challenge yourself to make something new with the gems you purchased. Involve the kids in your meal making.

Spend a day at an amusement park or zoo. You won’t be short on steps at an amusement park or zoo and your kids will hardly even realize how much walking they’re doing.

Try a Pilates or exercise class. Many hotels and studios offer drop-in class prices so you can try an exercise class in the city you’re visiting or a new class in your hometown. If your visit includes Chicago, call ahead to schedule a class at my favorite Pilates studio – Artisan Pilates in Chicago.

Go golfing. Bring your clubs to play a round on the local range.

Take in new scenery with a walk or hike. If you’re at home, plan a day to explore an area that you’ve never walked or hiked in. If you’re traveling, research day hikes or walking tours.

Play at the beach, lake, or river. If you’re in a warm area, cool off at the beach, lake, or river and indulge in swimming or playing in the water.

Healthy activity ideas to promote downtime

As much as our bodies love movement, we also need our downtime.

See the stars. Find a place away from city lights to stargaze one evening. There are lots of apps that can give you guided tours of the stars in our sky.

Play a board or card game. If you’re traveling, bring along some family-friendly board or card games. A little friendly competition and bonding goes a long way.

Enjoy a spa day. Go to a spa or create your own spa day at home with do-it-yourself mani/pedis and sheet face masks. If you’re in the Chicago area, try out my preferred spa to relax and unwind: Kohler Waters Spa at Lincoln Park.

Read a book. Indulge in an afternoon of reading a good book. If you have young family members, read aloud to them.

Go to the theater or a concert. Look for a local play or concert in a small venue to enjoy.

Get a good night’s rest. Make it a point to start your bedtime routine early (here are tips if you’re struggling with sleep) and snuggle in so you will be rested and ready for tomorrow’s activity.

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