When I arrived in London, the first stop on my honeymoon tour, I was determined to enjoy myself while still maintaining my lifestyle. After all, I worked hard to fit into my wedding dress, but I’m totally planning on sampling beers, brats and pretzels at Oktoberfest. Here are a few tips that routinely work for me and my jet setting clients.

Everything in moderation.

When you’re traveling you need to balance out your day. On vacation, many individuals think that calories don’t count, but trust me your body still counts every one. For instance, I knew I was having an Italian dinner and had my eye on the homemade pasta in the parmesan wheel. Therefore, I drank a smoothie for breakfast and ordered roast chicken with an herbed salad for lunch (as opposed to the burger and fries).

Plan fun fitness activities.

When I travel, I don’t necessarily go to the gym every day but I do strive to keep moving. Planning a walking tour is a great way to explore the city and get your steps in. If you’re near a beach, go on a snorkeling adventure, kayaking or a sea shell collecting walk. You can be active in the kitchen and take a local cooking class. My husband and I also love to choose restaurants that are a nice walking distance from our hotel.

Drink lots of water.

Hydration is key so be sure to keep up your water consumption while traveling. Dehydration can also make hunger and cravings worse so always drink a glass of water first before you indulge.

Pack for success.

I always encourage my clients to pack slimming clothes that make them feel their best. This mentally encourages you to think twice before grabbing for that extra slice of bread or dessert. Your psyche is more likely to overindulge in baggy clothes. Think about it, when you’re binging on pizza and watching Netflix you’re most likely wearing your sweats, not skinny jeans.

Be mindful.

A big reason that we overindulge is because we are not aware of what we’re actually eating and drinking in a day. We eat and drink without taking into consideration our entire day of consumption. While your traveling, pay attention to your behavior. If you grabbed the chocolate croissant for breakfast and opted for fried “fish and chips” at lunch, pass on the high-calorie dinner and just go for protein and vegetables. Some of my clients do well tracking their food while traveling in My Fitness Pal or a journal but only do this if it won’t stress you out.

Remember, at the end of the day it’s only a week or two so enjoy your vacation. It is not going to ruin your body or overall progress as long as you get back on track immediately when you arrive back home.

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