Wellbeing – the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy – is important to everyone. However, for some people, getting to the state of wellbeing may feel unattainable because their goals to get there are too large or feel overwhelming. Lofty goals often set us up for failure. When the goal isn’t met easily, it’s easier to abandon it.

Implementing small changes is a technique that I use for myself – and for my clients – to make the lofty goal attainable. As you make small tweaks in your lifestyle – whether you are working towards weight loss or mental clarity – these changes become habits and build on one another. For example, someone who hasn’t exercised in years can start by setting walking goals (5,000 steps per day, then 10,000 steps and so on) instead of deep diving into an intense workout class where they may get injured or feel intimidated.

I share more non-intuitive lifestyle tweaks that improve wellbeing in an article in Authority Magazine on Medium.com. Read the article here.

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