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Useful Gift Ideas For Cooks (By 40 Food Bloggers)

Erin Clifford shares kitchen items that would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook.

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How Diet, Exercise, and Mental Activity Contribute to Your Dog’s Overall Health

Erin Clifford is quoted on how people can help their dog with their overall heath.

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4 Easy Ways to Exercise and Bond with Your Dog

Erin Clifford is quoted about hiking and swimming with your dog to help you and your dog exercise while bonding.

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12 Tips for a Healthy Fall

Erin Clifford talks about setting goals during the Fall.

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Study Suggests: Listen to Your Circadian Rhythm for Weight Loss and Better Health

Wellness coach, Erin Clifford, is quoted in about eating habits.

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10 Delicious Ways to Use Up All That Summer Zucchini

Make It Better shares Erin Clifford’s recipe for turkey and quinoa stuffed zucchini boats.

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How To Get Back Into A Healthy Lifestyle

Erin Clifford advises readers to track their progress and be realistic when getting back into a healthy lifestyle.

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Talking Wellness with Erin Clifford

Erin Clifford sat down with SALONPAS® to talk how she’s bringing a healthier lifestyle to all of her clients.

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You Won’t Skip Your Breakfast Anymore After You Read This!!

Erin Clifford is quoted on how to have a healthy protein-rich breakfast.

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Top Apps to Automate Your Fitness

Erin Clifford is quoted on the importance of regular exercise.

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