I’m excited to introduce my newly updated one-on-one wellness program that is designed to take anyone to the next level of health and wellness: The 12-Week Lifestyle Reboot Program.

As a wellness coach, I’ve discovered that it takes clients 12-weeks to build and form new lifestyle habits. When you start this program, the first step is an initial health consult where we both learn more about your habits and goals. Information obtained in this consult will help me to create a lifestyle reboot program that is just for you.

Personalized programs have given my clients the best success because it takes into account their unique lifestyle, including: work/life balance, exercise, nutrition habits, and sleep patterns. Your customized program will help you learn what foods are best for your body, create new habits that compliment your lifestyle, and develop skills and tools to maintain lasting results.

This is what you can expect during your 12-week reboot:

  • Initial Health Consult
  • 6 One-Hour Coaching Sessions via Zoom
  • 12 Scheduled Weekly Check-Ins
  • Weekly Food Log and Habit Tracker Review
  • Access to 10-Day Reset Program
  • ECW Guides and Healthy Recipes for Every Occasion
  • Access to My Weekly Blogs and Online Community with the Latest Health Tips
  • My Personal Commitment to Your Health and Success

About one month after your 12-week session concludes, I offer a complimentary one-hour follow-up session to answer any questions and to support you on your new lifestyle journey.

Twelve weeks is a small amount of time to make healthy changes that will last you a lifetime.

For more information on the program and to learn about our 12 Principles of Wellness, visit here. Or feeling ready to reboot? Fill out this online form to get in touch with me today.

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