Gatsby Sunning My Gatsby, a true golden, gets his Vitamin D year round by sunning himself through our kitchen window, not to mention he loves to play outside and swim in the lake. But can Gatsby get sunburned like us Mommas?!

You might be surprised to learn that although your pup has a fur coat, he can get sunburned too and is at risk of developing skin cancer. During the summer months you want to be extra careful that you’re protecting your pup properly from the sun. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t shave your dog’s coat for summer (or warmer climates)

Your dog’s coat acts as a protective barrier against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when you shave your dog’s coat you’re causing him to be more prone to sunburn and skin cancer. Instead, thin out your pups’ coat with a FURminator or an undercoat rake.

  • Use proper sunscreen

If your pup is experiencing hair loss, has a bald spot, or frequently gets burned apply a quality sunscreen to venerable areas. Plus pay close attention to your pup’s exposed areas (around his lips, ears and nose). Select a sunscreen that is safe for human babies and contains NO Zinc Oxide which is toxic for dogs.

  • Use sun protective clothing

If your dog has an allergy to sunscreen or is super sun sensitive, dress her in light-colored clothing designed to block the sun’s rays. In addition, the eyes are a common spot for doggy melanoma so your dog may benefit from wearing sunglasses or Doggles.

  • Designate a shady space

Just like a human child, it’s not good for your pup to spend the entire day lounging on a pool raft!! Make sure your dog has a shady space to escape the sun’s rays.

  • Treat sunburn immediately

If your furry baby gets a minor burn, give him a soothing bath with cool water and apply 100% pure Aloe Vera gel. But when the burn is severe, you may need a trip to your neighborhood vet.

Remember, always stay hydrated during the summer months and make sure your pup has access to fresh water to protect him from the heat!! 🙂

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