Health and wellness apps make it possible for us to stay accountable, and motivated and get quick tips and guidance at any time and anywhere. There are many to choose from so I have selected some of my recommended favorite health and wellness apps. I have also included information on pricing and age rating.

Some of these apps are suitable for ages four and up and have been proven to have a positive effect, so don’t be afraid to try them on your children, if appropriate. However, if you have questions or concerns, please seek advice from your trusted medical professional.

Recommended Health and Wellness Apps

Diet and Nutrition Apps

MyFitnessPal: Build healthy habits with this food, exercise, and calorie tracker.
Cost: Free basic version; then options to purchase a monthly or yearly premium plan starting at $9.99+
Age Rating: 17+

See How You Eat: If calorie counting is not for you, this photo food journal app may be a great choice. It is a 4-week coaching program that utilizes the 80/20 rule to build healthy, permanent eating habits without endless dieting.
Cost: Free in In-app purchases starting at $12.99+
Age Rating: 12+

Zero: Intermittent fasting timer
Cost: Free to use the fasting timer; Subscription for additional services starting at $9.99+
Age Rating: 17+

Mindfulness Apps

Calm: Popularly known for improving mental fitness, the Calm app offers programs to help you improve sleep quality, improve focus, work on self-improvement, and reduce stress and anxiety.
Cost: Free, with In-App subscription purchases starting at $14.99+
Age Rating: 4+

Headspace: Science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools are available to create life-changing habits to get through tough times and find joy in every day.
Cost: Annual plan: 14 days free, then $69.99/year. Monthly plan: 7 days free, then $12.99/month.
Age Rating: 13+; Kid courses for 12 and under are included in an adult subscription.

Journaling / Diary Apps

Penzu: Private, customizable online journal that will work on any platform – desktop, phone, or tablet. Built for journaling but has the ability to be used as a food tracker or pregnancy journal.
Cost: Free for basic use; then options for $19.99/ year pro plan or $49.99/year premium plan.
Age Rating: 4+

5 Minute Journal: This is a great journaling app for beginners. Daily quotes and challenges, thoughtful prompts, and structure are designed to help users focus on what’s good in their lives. It is a great – and easy – way to start the day positively.
Cost: Free, with In-app purchases for subscriptions for monthly, annual, or lifetime access, starting at $4.99/month.
Age Rating: 4+

Exercise Apps

ClassPass: This app is for the person who doesn’t want to commit to one gym or one workout. Buy credits to use towards classes at different gyms, exercise studios, spas, and salons.
Cost: Free trial, then purchase credits towards classing starting at $29/month +
Age Rating: 4+

Peloton: You do not have to have Peloton equipment to use this app. There is a library of engaging classes ranging from beginner to athletic levels including yoga, cardio, walking, running, strength, and stretching. They also offer classes to listen to while doing outdoor fitness, such as walking or running.
Cost: Free for 60 days, then $12.99/month or $129/year

Productivity-Boosting and Focus-Oriented Apps

Habitica: Habit-building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. In-game rewards and punishments to motivate and inspire you.
Cost: Free; Subscriptions and In-App purchases starting at $0.99+
Age Rating: 4+

Endel: Patented technology that uses AI-powered sounds designed to improve focus, lower stress, or help facilitate sleep. The soundscapes adapt to real-time and take into consideration the time of day, weather, heart rate, and location.
Cost: Free, then In-App subscription, monthly or annually, starting at $14.99+
Age Rating: 4+

Sleep Apps

Calm, Headspace, and Endel also have “sleep” libraries that function to help the user relax and fall asleep. However, if you’re looking for an app that gives you a more in-depth look at how you are sleeping (patterns, issues, etc.,) these two apps can help.

Sleep Cycle: Analyzes sleep patterns, and detects snoring, coughing, and other sounds.
Cost: 7-day free trial, then $39.99/year
Age Rating: 4+

Sleep Reset: A personalized sleep program grounded in science that teaches you how to improve your sleep in as little as two weeks.
Cost: In-app purchase programs starting at $229.99+
Age Rating: 12+

Women’s Health Apps

Flo: Period and ovulation tracker, fertility calendar, and pregnancy assistant.
Cost: Free; In-App purchases starting at $1.99+
Age Rating: 12+

Clue: Over 30 tracking options for women to learn about their cycle and how it affects things such as mood, skin, energy levels, and more. Also included are fertility tracking, ovulation calendar, pregnancy tracking, and perimenopause support.
Cost: In-app purchases include a monthly subscription or a one-year subscription starting at $9.99+
Age Rating: 12+

Men’s Health App

HeChangedIt: An app designed specifically for men to learn and apply vital information to their lives so they can achieve optimal health and wellness by focusing on mental fitness, emotional fitness, physical fitness, social fitness, and soul fitness.
Cost: Free

I recommend selecting one or two apps from this list to try that appeal to you most. As you get into the routine of using the app(s), you will start to notice a positive difference. If the app is stressing you out – for whatever reason – don’t hesitate to delete it and try something else. Read ratings and reviews to help you determine what is the best selection for your needs. Remember, we’re striving for progress, not perfection.

If there are other apps that you love and have worked to better your life, leave a note in the comments below.

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