This week I’d like to highlight a very special lady and Rockstar Doggy Momma Jennie Kroll Andersen. Jennie is a kind-hearted adventurer who loves the open road. She finds peace and beauty in exploring the natural world and unique settings. But the place Jennie finds the most joy and solace is with her two “kids”: Bella, a 14- month old Shiba Inu, and Jasper, a 2 year-old husky-lab-shepherd mix.

Jennie has created a true home with Jasper and Bella. Jennie describes Bella as the “diva” of the household and a “girly girl.” She constantly yells at Jasper for going near her food, avoids getting any mud on her beautiful coat at all costs, and is a total “bed hog.” Japer, on the other hand, is more playful and exuberant. Both doggys get along amazingly well with their brother and sister (6-month-old kittens) and even take long naps on the couch together. Bella and Jasper have filled Jennie’s spirit with unconditional love and Jennie credits her pups for bringing out the true adventurer in her.

Jennie loving calls Bella and Jasper “my sweet adventurous babies” and boy do they live up to the title. Bella and Jasper have allowed Jennie to finally break out of her shell and explore new surroundings she never even dreamed of. Both pups love to go for car rides, whether it is on a coffee run or long road trip. They particularly enjoy hiking adventures through local and neighboring State Parks, visiting Starved Rock quite a bit! Recently the trio took a three-hour road trip up to Grand Haven, MI to experience their first swim, which Bella (the lady Alpha) enjoyed a bit more than her brother Jasper ;)!! Jennie just loves doing absolutely everything with her “kids.” They are definitely her world and with them she has created the perfect family. What an awesome Rockstar Doggie Momma?!!

Friends: I know many of you too are Rockstar Doggy Mommas with inspiring stories. Please private message me through Facebook or at if you’d be interested in sharing your story. Or if you have a friend you’d like to nominate. ;).

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