Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

-Jonathan Swift

Meet this week’s talented Rockstar Doggy Momma Laura Cirrintano. Laura is an amazing artist with an imaginative eye who lives to share her beauty with the world. Through her company, Tano Chicago, she creates digital prints, invitation design and graphic design. And her partner in crime is her French Bulldog Frankie Roberts, her little man full of love, joy and laughter.

Laura first met Frankie when her other love Mark teasingly made his handsome photograph her computer’s background screen. The following day they headed to Naperville, Illinois, “just to see him,” and two amazing hours later, there he was in the car coming home with Laura. And if his manly car hygiene was any indication, she had no doubt she was in for quite the character!! ;).

Frankie has completely transformed Laura’s life, and as fate would have it, came into it at the time she needed him most. Due to long term chronic pain, Laura quit her dream job as an Interior Designer at a top Chicago firm. Frankie’s support made working from home and adjusting to the change much easier. Every day when Laura works at her computer he reminds her to take a much needed break. He comes up to her chair, tries his hardest to get her attention, turns her chair, and insists on sitting right on his Mommas’s lap, snuggling right on her chest. He’s completely at peace, which reminds Laura to take a second to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy her moment with him as well as her loved ones.

Frankie has also brought so much joy, laughter and happiness to Laura’s home and encouraged her to live a healthier life. And a BIG part of that is simply being happy. Laura notes that “if you’re doing all this ‘work’ to be healthy like working out and eating well and not enjoying the process because you’re too worried about where it is you’re trying to get to then you’re missing a main component of living a healthy life.” There is nothing Laura enjoys more than going on walks together with her two boys, getting some fresh air and playing catch at the park, taking in the sites and sounds. Frankie loves car rides and they frequently head out to the burbs where there is tons of open land for him to run around. He is quite the social butterfly sprinting to the dog park, looking for any dog that really wants to get a good play in with him. The dog park has also given Laura the chance to socialize and meet new friends.

Speaking of which, Laura’s absolute favorite experience with Frankie was taking him off leash for the first time. She was unbelievably intimidated and nervous watching all of the other dogs calmly return to their Mommas. She just knew Frankie, being the bulldog that he is, would disrupt the perfect setting! The ladies at the park, however, encouraged her to let Frankie GO, and like Laura envisioned, Frankie went full sprint as soon as he felt his leash release. But her nerves turned into complete excitement for him. He ran and ran and ran and she could see pure happiness. He did so well and Laura was proud of her son! After all, you just want your kids to succeed and be happy. As she says, “it can be the simple things in life that make you feel renewed, refreshed and give you a sense of accomplishment.”

Moreover, Frankie has simply influenced Laura to love as he has not one aggressive bone in his body. When Frankie gives just a few seconds to a stranger it literally makes her day. This has encouraged Laura to open her heart to others because you never no what battles someone might be silently facing. Frankie has brought so much joy into Laura’s home, she now spreads the positive energy around to others. Being with Frankie has also inspired Laura to find a little love in everything she does. What an amazing duo and Rockstar Doggy Momma?!

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