Mindy is not only a total Rockstar Doggy Momma, but she’s a culinary genius! Mindy developed the food delivery company Vegan Meals by Mindy which caters to the Las Vegas Valley. Mindy is also a clothing designer, creating vegan apparel. Mindy’s vegan journey began when she volunteered at a vegan farm sanctuary. This inspired her to change her lifestyle and convert her meal prep company (and bodybuilding!) to vegan. Mindy feels amazing and is at peace with her “carbon footprint on the Earth!” And if you’re not impressed yet, Mindy’s other passion in life is fostering senior doggys.

Mindy is devoted to giving senior pups the best end of life possible. Unfortunately, many dogs are abandoned later in life and Mindy makes sure they are loved and given stability with care. She is currently fostering six seniors dogs and a puppy who is going to be competing in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl!!

Mindy’s two loves go hand in hand. Every Sunday her friends pick-up their vegan meals for the week and bring their doggys for a fun play date! It brings awareness and introduces like-minded women to some incredible senior dogs, fostering many new homes. According to Mindy, “seniors are super amazing because they enjoy chilling with you and just want to be loved!” She of course believes in feeding her pups a vegan diet and adds fresh veggies and whole-grains to vegan dog food.

In order to be a Rockstar foster Momma, Mindy advices that first and foremost you must be patient. Older fur babies need to feel secure given their diverse backgrounds and this takes time. She also recommends fostering in pairs to make the transition easier for the pups, which provides a constant companion when you’re away. Further, be sure to pick a breed that fits your activity level and lifestyle. For instance, if you prefer to lay around and binge on Netflix you’re better suited for a small lap dog than a Lab! Most of all, don’t judge a book by its cover; personality trumps all!! 🙂

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