Meet this week’s amazing Rockstar Doggy Momma Rio Fisher. Rio is a young entrepreneur and works with the lifestyle company Juice Plus. Rio is also the proud Momma of her pug Dolly who is a true sweetheart. She cannot help but exude happiness and “kiss” everyone she meets!!

Rio considers Dolly her daughter and the experience is preparing Rio for when she starts a family of her own. After all, Dolly teaches Rio the true meaning of caring for someone else. As Rio says, “it sounds silly but it makes you realize the time you need to devote to a family and you can’t be selfish when other people are involved.”

Dolly has also made Rio focus more on her health, which of course, is helping her ROCK those skinny jeans!! They are super active going for morning and evening walks together. In addition, Rio carefully plans Dolly’s diet to keep her weight in check. This has all inspired Rio to develop a new lifestyle that has become a breeze (not to mention FUN) because she does it all with her beloved Dolly by her side.

Rio’s favorite thing about Dolly is how excited she gets every time Rio walks through the door. It’s TRUE unconditional love that can only be found between a Momma and her pup. And in order to foster that relationship, Rio believes that an RDM should always: put her dog first; treat her with her favorite food when she’s a good girl; take amazing care of her; and keep her active. As Rio says, “she’s your child” so you should treat her as such. What a ROCKING pair and phenomenal Doggy Momma!! 🙂

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