A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

-William Arthur Ward

Meet this week’s kindhearted Rockstar Doggy Momma Shawna McCrory Allen. Shawna possesses a beautiful spirit that touches all those around her. She’s sassy, honest and overwhelmingly generous with a sense of humor to match. Shawna is also a devoted wife and mother to two gorgeous girls. But her family would not be complete without her furry babies: lovable Golden Retrievers Vegas and Jersey and her diva Maltese Zsa Zsa.

When a courageous Shawna first moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, she hardly knew a single soul in the city. Enter Vegas. Her beloved golden quickly became her first true friend in town and gave her the strength to venture out of her comfort zone, exploring the charming southern abode together. Her playful Jersey came along a few years later and the two provided Shawna with lots of unconditional love and “snuggles.” Her pups were also so active that they encouraged her to transform into stellar shape just to keep up with them. Bonus!! 🙂

And as many women can relate, Shawna became stressed when trying to conceive her first child. It was around this time that Zsa Zsa came into Shawna’s life one Christmas morning and has not left her side since. She fell instantly in love, which “took the stress right out of her head.” Shawna instead directed her energy toward carrying for Zsa Zsa, and before anyone expected, she was pregnant with her first baby girl.

Over the years Shawna’s family has increased and the pups have remained an integral part of their lives. Although Vegas and Jersey have since crossed the rainbow bridge, their memories carry on and Zsa Zsa is the “third kid,” attending soccer games and many family affairs. Shawna’s pups opened up her heart and prepared her for the amazing family she has today. What an awesome journey and Rockstar Doggy Momma?!!

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