“Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something. Otherwise things just sort of stay the same.”

  • Danny Wallace, Author of Yes Man

Tracy is a publisher and writer for Pet Connection Magazine, which caters to animal lovers across the Pacific Northwest. It’s a perfect fit for Tracy because not only is she an animal lover, but she has master’s degrees in primate behavior and journalism. Tracy is also the proud Momma of her three senior cats, two senior horses and special needs dog. Jack is a Lab Mix, who lost his left eye and left front leg after he was hit by a car. He miraculously came into Tracy’s life when she needed him the most.

A few years ago, Tracy’s beloved grandparent began to rapidly decline after being diagnosed with cancer and it weighed heavily on her heart. After a difficult “Sunday” visit, Tracy went to the animal shelter just “to look around.” She immediately fell in love with Jack and brought him home on the spot! But little did Tracy know how much Jack would completely transform her life.

Before meeting Jack, Tracy broke her pelvis and was struggling to learn to walk again. She was understandably self-conscious, and Jack helped her heal not only her body, but her spirit too. Short walks throughout the day are perfect for the pair. They go at their own pace (even running the occasional sprint!) and have a blast spending time together in the great outdoors. Tracy has even broadened her social circle because Jack is an amazing “unifier” that loves to make friends with all his neighbors. After all, who could resist his charismatic smile and wink!

Jack also taught Tracy the true meaning of finding balance in her life and gave her the courage to take chances. She was overextended, spending too much time away from home, but the thought of leaving Jack every day was so unbearable that she knew she needed a change. She shifted her career by joining the Pet Connection family, where she now writes stories that allow her to explore her passions, not to mention spend more time with her loved ones. Jack, of course, is an integral member of the team and is the official treat taste tester! According to Tracy, Jack is “her good luck charm” and she now says yes to the things that inspire her. She even has a book in the works along with a few other surprises!

Tracy believes that a Doggy Momma should pay close attention to her dog’s behavior because he will let you know how he’s feeling. Talk to your dog and try to understand things from his perspective. Never forget that your dog is a reflection of you so he will pick up on your behaviors. If you’re stressed out, your pup will be stressed out too! And always remember, the best thing about your pup is his unconditional love and the precious connection you feel toward one another. 🙂

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