erin_clifford_corporate_health_and_wellnessErin Clifford, Certified Holistic Health Coach, works with employees at corporations to provide health and wellness coaching. The holistic lifestyle programming is based on each corporation’s and employee’s unique lifestyle needs. It is not just the foods that we take in, but all the other factors present in our daily lives, such as regular physical activity, sleep, stress management, mindfulness, healthy relationships and a fulfilling career. Erin Clifford will support your corporation in achieving all of its health and lifestyle goals.

Why Hire a Corporate Health Coach?

Health care costs are skyrocketing as rates of chronic diseases continue to rise. 80% of these chronic diseases are completely preventable with healthy food and lifestyle choices. Specifically, nearly 70% of health care costs are due to preventable conditions. Further, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that stress alone costs American business $300 billion each year.

When you take steps to address these lifestyle factors you are taking action to increase productivity in the work place, decrease absenteeism and reduce healthcare and medical costs.

3-Month Workshop Series for Corporations
6-Month Workshop Series for Corporations

Virtual health coaching programs are also available for corporations not located in Chicago. Contact Erin Clifford for more information.