Group Seminars

Periodically, Erin will offer group seminars focusing on a specific wellness topic. Topics may include:

  • Spring Cleanse
  • New Year’s Resolutions and Realistic Goals
  • Sugar Blues and Reducing Cravings
  • Eating for Energy
  • Reduce Stress and Have Balance
  • Weight Management and Self-Image
  • Healthy Snacking and Eating on the Run
  • Healthy Families and Healthy Kids
  • Surviving the Holidays
  • Exploring Plant-Based Diets


Seminars will run between 4-12 weeks and will be conducted by phone with additional technological support. Seminars will include program materials, such as books, handouts, food and self-care products.

Create your Own Wellness Group Seminar

You may also craft your own seminar with a group of friends, peers or at your place of employment, focusing on a topic of your choosing. This can be conducted in-person for Chicago area residents or by phone.

Together with Erin, you will determine an appropriate running period. Contact Erin Clifford