In just two months of working with Erin I’ve had a drastic change in my eating habits.  I’m amazed because her approach is not drastic at all, rather small changes based on your preferences and lifestyle.  However, before you know it, the changes are significant, your lifestyle is much healthier and you don’t feel like you’ve subscribed to some gimmick diet that won’t last.   -Vinny Grosso 


    I have had the WORST eating habits-skipping meals, having chocolate  for dinner, a major love affair with french fries and burgers, getting the    picture?  Erin FINALLY convinced me it was time to change, and with  her help, change I did.  She has helped me “get organized” – I now plan  a week’s worth of meals, including the one I love to skip – lunch.  I’m  adding color to my meals (vegetables) and working at making each meal  healthy, nutritious and delicious.  She has been so incredibly supportive, between meeting with me, checking in with texts and emails, her Facebook page and blog, and quick phone calls.  I feel great – thank you, Erin, for teaching me to take care of myself!-Pam Coghill