Living a healthy lifestyle helps people to lead a more fulfilled, happier existence. Everyone wants to feel their best, but sometimes the hardest part is creating and embracing the lifestyle itself. When this is the case, hiring a wellness coach is one of the best first steps to help get you on the path to health and happiness. If you’ve never worked with one before, here’s what to expect when working with a wellness coach.

Why Choose a Wellness Coach?

A wellness coach will help you take your lifestyle and wellness goals to the next level. New habits will be created, old (bad) habits will be shed, and you will develop new commitments to help you live your best life. 

Once you’ve selected your wellness coach, the steps outlined below are generally what you can expect to take place. Note that each coach will have their own protocols, however, this is the format that I use. 

Health Consultation

The first step to beginning your wellness journey is having a thorough consultation with your coach. During the consultation, the wellness coach may ask for a written history of any past or present health issues. This information helps to determine the best plan of action for you – both physically and mentally. The wellness coach will also discuss any dieting history, listen to your goals, and address your concerns. From the information gathered in this session, your wellness coach will come up with an individualized plan that fits your needs and can be incorporated into your lifestyle. 

Coaching Sessions & Check-Ins

Most wellness coaches are hired for a certain number of weeks or sessions. After your wellness plan is set up, you can expect to have additional coaching sessions, usually once per week. Some coaches may also offer quick daily check-ins via text or email. 

Support & Accountability

One of the main jobs of a wellness coach is to offer support and accountability. Embarking on something new can be scary and exciting at the same time. Having someone in your corner to offer encouragement, tips, or to simply listen to how the journey is going will help you stick to the program, especially when there are struggles or pitfalls. 

Healthy Recipes 

Nutritional intake plays a large role in our mood, energy, immunity, and weight. Learning what foods are good for our bodies – and how to incorporate them in my daily meals – is ongoing in my personal health journey. For my wellness clients, I offer a variety of nutritious recipes to try and am always receptive to new recipes that clients come up with. 

Healthy Tips & Words of Encouragement

Many wellness coaches will also have social media accounts that offer daily tips, words of wisdom, food hacks, and more. If your wellness coach offers this, I recommend following them. To see my healthy tips, recipes, and more, follow me here. 

Personal Commitment

A wellness coach should be as committed to your success as you are. If you feel like your wellness coach is “dialing it in” or giving you a “generic” meal or exercise plan, this may be an indicator that the level of personal commitment the coach is offering is not enough to sustain you and your journey. If you feel like you need more, you may want to find a new coach. 


After your program is done, a follow-up session should be included to discuss what has worked and what has not. This is also an opportunity for the coach to make some suggestions or tweaks in the program to help you with your success moving forward. 

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I provide corporate health & wellness coaching, one-on-one wellness coaching, and wellness seminars in person in the greater Chicago area or virtually anywhere. Schedule a consultation with me today.

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