The holiday season is upon us and it can be a stressful time for many individuals. From the parties to the extra family and work activities, to the financial burden of buying presents and entertaining, it can get overwhelming. The best way to quiet the overwhelm is to make time for you and your needs. Here are 10 ideas to blow the holiday stress away.

Use your NO button.

Get over your adult FOMO (or fear of missing out). You do not have to go to every party that you get invited to. Choose the ones that are important to you and skip the rest.

Decorate your home.

Nothing gets you more in the holiday spirit than bringing it into your home and it’s a great family bonding experience.

Bake a special holiday treat.

I love baking the pie and cookie recipes that my Grandma and Mom made when I was growing up.


Nothing gets your endorphins more fired up than a little movement. Make a point to keep up with your fitness routine during the holiday season or get a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolution.

Enjoy a holiday movie night at home.

Between Netflix and the Hallmark Channel, you’re covered. Throw on some comfy PJs and make some homemade popcorn.

Treat yourself.

Yes, do something special for you. Buy yourself an Advent calendar and open a surprise each day (I purchased a tea one in London on my honeymoon). Schedule a massage at a day spa or simply take a detox bath at home and read a good book.

Practice mindfulness.

You can take a few moments to destress each day by doing a short meditation on an app like Calm or simply taking two minutes to close your eyes and breathe.

Do something you loved as a child.

The holidays are all about family and reconnecting so get in touch with the kid in you. Go take a picture with Santa, visit your favorite holiday restaurant, Christkindlmarket, holiday festival, explore festive decorations at your local zoo, botanical gardens or neighborhood streets.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Each morning write down five things that you are grateful for and repeat this practice before bedtime. This will create a positive mindset that will get you to focus on the wonderful things in your life instead of seasonal stressors.

Volunteer or contribute to a cause close to your heart.

Nothing beats the holiday blues more than helping others in need. Get a group of friends together and adopt a family or volunteer at your local animal shelter.

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