Five Strategies to Improve Mental Well-being

Mental Health, Wellness

When it comes to living healthfully – mentally and physically – there’s always room to make adjustments or improvements for a more beneficial result. For instance, doing the same physical exercise daily may lead to stagnation where the body is no longer responding as it initially did (i.e., the exercise is less challenging and, if … Read More

Create a Food-Mood Journal to Eat More Intuitively

Health Tips

In addition to helping our bodies physically grow, restore, and repair, food also plays a role in how we feel. If there are times that you feel a slump or drained, it may be related to what you consumed at your previous meal. Tracking your food intake and mood after each meal will help identify … Read More

How to Stay Motivated to Exercise in Winter

Fitness, Wellness

Motivation to exercise during the winter months can dip as quickly as the thermometer. It’s cold outside, the days are shorter, and forgiving wardrobe options (sweaters, athleisure wear, and jackets) can easily hide any weight-induced bulges. I have lived my entire life in a city that experiences cold weather, snow, sleet, and rain so, at … Read More

Recommended Health and Wellness Apps

Health, Health Tips, Wellness

Health and wellness apps make it possible for us to stay accountable, and motivated and get quick tips and guidance at any time and anywhere. There are many to choose from so I have selected some of my recommended favorite health and wellness apps. I have also included information on pricing and age rating. Some … Read More

The Importance of Identifying Personal Values

Corporate Wellness, Wellness

Values are the fundamental beliefs that govern our lives and guide our decision-making. Each person has a unique set of values based on their life experiences and influences. In order to find direction and purpose in life, it is important to identify your core values and reflect on areas that may require growth. Values can … Read More