Prioritizing Mental Health in 2022

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The start of the New Year is notorious for lofty resolutions and hard-to-keep promises. With many workforces, schools and communities still mid-pandemic, the importance of prioritizing mental health and finding healthy goals that fit into your lifestyle and personality is a must for all of us. Over the last two years, Covid-19 has disrupted normalcy … Read More

10-Day New Year’s Challenge

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There’s no better time than a New Year to embark on healthy habits. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions – studies have shown that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail – try this 10-Day New Year’s Challenge instead. Over the next 10 days, challenge yourself to do the following things. Day 1: Write your … Read More

12 Days of Healthy Holidays Challenge

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While the holidays are a celebratory time of year to gather with friends and family, they can also be full of overindulgence and unwanted stress. I created this holiday challenge to add some healthy lifestyle boosters and de-stressors into your festive season. Plus, if you continue to include these healthy habits in your everyday routine, … Read More

How to Combat Emotional Eating During The Holidays


If you’re a stress eater, the holidays can be problematic. Not only is your stress level heightened, but you’re continually surrounded by high-calorie foods and beverages. What can you do? Practice Mindful Eating Countless studies suggest that keeping a food journal encourages you to eat fewer calories and make healthier choices because it increases your … Read More

How to Eat Mindfully During the Holiday Season


For most of us, the holiday season is filled with gatherings, office parties, cookie exchanges, and other fun-filled festivities that bring so much joy, and a wide variety of food and goodies! If there’s any time of year where people tend to put on a few pounds, it is definitely the holiday season because a … Read More

Immune Boosting Tips

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Winter is right around the corner and, inevitably, it is the time when most people become sick with a cold or the flu. Start fortifying your health now with these immune boosting tips to jump start your immunity and help your body ward off illness. Make Self-Care a Consistent Priority This is my #1 tip … Read More

How to Reset Your Body After Eating Unhealthy


I consistently hear clients and friends stressing about overindulging and eating unhealthy at BBQs, holidays, festivals and on vacations. The best strategy that I’ve found for my clients to turn things around quickly is a simple one day reset. Spending just 24 hours focusing on detoxifying your body does wonders for mentally putting you back … Read More