If you’re a stress eater, the holidays can be problematic. Not only is your stress level heightened, but you’re continually surrounded by high-calorie foods and beverages. What can you do?

Practice Mindful Eating

Countless studies suggest that keeping a food journal encourages you to eat fewer calories and make healthier choices because it increases your awareness of what, how much, and why you are eating. For example, you may not realize how many extra calories you are consuming from the holiday candy dish,
passed appetizers, glasses of holiday cheer, or your child’s cookie stash. Therefore, download an app, such as MyFitnessPal, and record your food and drink intake throughout the season.

Be Prepared

Have alternatives in place for when the desire to stress eat surfaces. You can go holiday shopping, call a friend, go to the gym, read a book – just to name a few.

Write down 10 activities you can do when you’re tempted to stress eat over the season.

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