As many of you know I just returned home from a fabulous holiday. I hope you all enjoyed my travel posts from England and Italy. I’ve been doing some reflection and I thought I would share a few life lessons I learned along the way.

  • Everybody wants what I’ve already got! For so long I thought as a single woman I was missing out on something, but the truth is I’ve already got it all. I don’t answer to anybody and I have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything I want with my life. I wake up every day and live my life for me, do what I want on my own terms. It’s fabulous fun! Me and my golden Gatsby equals freedom and it absolutely rocks. I’m empowered and super excited for my next life adventure.
  • Give it a GO! In life it’s important to say “YES” to new experiences, people and things. In Sardinia I spent a day boating on the Mediterranean Sea, but just having watched Shark Week, I was a little hesitant to jump in. In any event I put my fears aside and dove right into the beautiful aquamarine water.  It was breathtaking. Sometimes you have to cowgirl it up and just GO!!
  • Being on vacation is not an excuse to blow it! Many of you work really hard to stay in-shape, so don’t go crazy on your vacation. A week or two is not worth the new hurdle that will await you when you return to reality. Instead practice moderation. I enjoyed pasta and vino in Italy, but I also exercised, put on my walking shoes and ate TONS of fresh vegetables daily. It was a cinch to pick right back up this week and I still fit in my skinny jeans.
  • Just GO with it!  Stop trying to control everything. I’m a schedule-orientated person, but as you all know, not everything goes as planned. Several times on my trip plans changed, blew up or turned out unexpectedly. But instead of complaining and getting upset about it, I just hit the mental chill button and went with the flow. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff and sometimes the unexpected turns out to be the real icing on the cake.
  • You don’t need a man (or significant other) to have fun on vacation. When I’ve traveled alone in the past I always felt a little sad, but not this time. I’ve grown into such a confident, happy woman that it didn’t even dawn on me. Finally getting that Italian stamp on my passport was a dream come true and I was able to coordinate my time without any restraint. It was so liberating to experience the new culture and connect with new friends. I can’t wait to travel again soon and maybe even entice a few of my single ladies to tag along ;).

Needless to say I had a tremendous European holiday. And it’s funny because, what those of you who followed the Gatsby cam already know, Gatsby was learning the same life lessons back home with his Aunt Jeanne (meeting new friends, exploring new places, organic gardening, cooking, exercising..). Pretty fantastic!  Ciao till next time!!

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