I am a FREE spirit…Either admire me from the ground or FLY with me…But don’t EVER try to cage me. – David Avocado Wolfe

This week I’d like to highlight a magnetic Rockstar Doggy Momma Carla Giandonato. Carla is a bundle of energy and true joy to be around. She embraces life and always moves forward with a positive attitude. Carla has an infectious smile that cannot help but brighten your day. And her partner in crime is her Silkypoo Terrier Susie.

Carla and Susie are the best of buddies and do everything together. They both love ACTION and do not believe in wasting the day. Susie is Carla’s co-pilot and sits beside her on daily car rides, especially enjoying when Carla pops into the local Starbucks for her “puppa-chinos.” Susie is always game for a stop at her beloved Grandma’s house, where Asiago cheese no doubt awaits!! In fact, Carla says “most of the time I think Susie eats better than most humans,” which has encouraged Carla to cook healthy fare for them to enjoy together. Susie just loves being around people, and not only does she accompany Carla for playtime, but work as well.

Susie is Carla’s top “employee” in her own painting and junk removal business called Junk Bee Gone (www.junkbeegoneusa.com), where Carla and her team “take the sting out of high prices.”  When you contact Carla for a free quote you will no doubt encounter Susie who joins Carla on many of her bids and job sites. Susie supervises the team whether they’re washing and staining a deck or getting a client’s new home in tip top shape. Carla counts herself lucky to have such unconditional love in her life and cannot wait to expand both her life and business with little Susie right by her side.  What an awesome Rockstar Doggy Momma?!

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