There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

-Edith Wharton

Meet this week’s extraordinary Rockstar Doggy Momma, Courtney Marincsin, a true force to be reckoned with ;). She’s beautiful, intelligent and radiates a positive energy that brightens up your day. She’s an associate at Clifford Law Offices and General Counsel for Shine a Light on Fertility, a nonprofit whose mission is to create an empowering community and be the voice for those affected by fertility challenges. Courtney is also a wife and proud mother of two, who teaches yoga and spin classes. But through all of life’s challenges, her most trusted friend has always been her beloved Pomeranian Dolce.

Dolce is “literally” Courtney’s “best friend” and the one being who truly understands her. As her “wingdog,” Dolce is up for lots of adventure! Dolce sleeps at Courtney’s feet and is her daily companion. Dolce has even become her son’s best friend and single paw-edly helped toilet train him. In fact, he will not go to the bathroom unless Dolce is in there too!! The relationship is very symbiotic. Courtney loves to spoil Dolce and give her whipped cream for breakfast and treats throughout the day. And no matter what Courtney is going through in life that little pup has been there for her.

Even though Dolce is a pom she can run over 12 miles!! This started when she was a year-old and Courtney was hit by a car, fracturing her leg in 3 places. Courtney made Dolce part of her rehab, and what started as walks around the block, turned into running a mile and then running half marathons with Dolce as part of her marathon training. Dolce is the best coach because even on the penultimate and hardest mile, she is the one picking up the pace and has more energy to spare. Another trying time that Dolce really demonstrated her loyalty and friendship was when Courtney lost her twins prematurely during pregnancy. On the days that Courtney would be crying on the couch, Dolce would curl up in her lap and look directly in her eyes as if to say “it would be ok.” And she was right!! Now Dolce takes turns napping underneath Courtney’s son or daughter’s crib.

Dolce inspires Courtney to stay healthy by always keeping her running and playing. Dolce is also a good guide on when to indulge your vices (lamb for her, pizza and wine for Courtney). She does not even mind if her husband has to take a short work trip, or if the kids go to Nonni and Papa’s house; but gets really bummed if Dolce has to go with them. Dolce is Courtney’s “BFF for life!” What an amazing team and friendship to stand the test of time!!

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