I will not stand to the side and allow the music in my heart to fade away and die. I will dance to my own life song. ~ Lance Wubbels

This week I’d like to highlight an extraordinarily graceful woman Tracy Burns Scurto. Tracy dances through life with her eyes wide open touching the hearts of all of those around her. She has diligently served on the Board of Directors for Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. A charity that’s mission is to eliminate pediatric cancer and provide hope and support to those who are touched by it. Not only does Tracy have a philanthropic side, she’s skilled in the Arts. Tracy studied Digital Photography and Interior Design at the Illinois Institute of Art and let’s not forget Tracy’s true passion in life Ballroom dancing.

Ballroom dancing has not only changed Tracy’s life bringing her joy, camaraderie and confidence, but scored her a rocking body as it is a huge part of her fitness program. Dancing has taught Tracy about her own health and how to stay strong as she ages. Not to mention it has encouraged her to laugh at herself and not take life too seriously. Tracy insightfully shared, “I think any type of fitness routine that makes you laugh and brings you joy is the key!!” (Great pearl of wisdom ladies!) In addition, Tracy practices yoga and just recently started doing Pilates on the reformer! Not to mention golf has always been a huge part of her family’s life.

Tracy is the proud mother of two phenomenal children and four grandchildren (oh and there’s a 5th one on the way)! But Tracy’s newest joy and “challenge” is her Yorkie-Poo Scooby. After her last dog passed away Tracy vowed she would never go through that painful experience again, but then Scooby was dropped into her lap. How could she possibly say no?! At three-years-old Scooby is still very much a puppy. And his LOVE for his toys just warms Tracy’s heart and makes her smile with laughter. Scooby hides his bones all over the house and then hunts for them later. Plus although he might look like a stuffed animal, don’t sell him short because Scooby will go up against the biggest and badest dog, deer or raccoon in town! Of course, his real goal in life is to catch a chipmunk or squirrel ;). Scooby has become Tracy’s constant travel companion, where they split their time between a country home in Illinois and the Sunshine State. And yes Scooby suns at the pool and beach all winter long! Scooby is Tracy’s best buddy always by her side or on her lap. They dance through life together and Scooby brightens up every one of Tracy’s days. What an inspirational woman and awesome Rockstar (Doggy) Momma?!

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