If you’re looking to give your body a physical and mental boost, look no further than a post-meal stroll. Research by sports scientists in this WellandGood.com article shows that there are multiple benefits to walking after a meal. Here is a synopsis of the article outlining the benefits of an after-dinner stroll.

Improves Digestion

The movement of walking supports the process of digestion by speeding up the process of breaking down your food. It also increases the utilization of non-exercise activity thermogenesis (stored energy). Faster digestion means reduced bloating and feeling “less full” faster.

Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

According to the American Diabetes Association, as little as 10 minutes of a post-meal walk can improve blood glucose levels as compared to other times during the day. Walking prevents a glucose “spike” which will prevent a sugar crash later.

Improves Blood Flow

Walking improves blood flow which aids in transporting essential nutrients to bones, muscles, and organs.

Helps to Release Serotonin

A stroll can release serotonin – the “good mood” hormone – that plays a role in relieving stress, increasing positive feelings, improving learning and memory, regulating appetite, and promoting good sleep.

Promotes a Deeper Sleep

The release of serotonin is a precursor to melatonin – the hormone associated with the sleep-wake cycle. The release of melatonin will help your body naturally get a deeper sleep and better rest overall.

Adds to Your Daily Step Count

An added bonus is that an extra walk after dinner will add steps to your daily step count! Plus, it doesn’t have to be an intense exercise workout. Use it as a time to catch up with a friend or family member, walk your dog, listen to a podcast or simply enjoy your surroundings.

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