During this unprecedented time, you may feel like your weight is spinning out of control. Many of my clients and friends have been upset about gaining what is being deemed the ‘Quarantine 15.’

What is ‘Quarantine 15’?

‘Quarantine 15’ is weight acquired during the current COVID-19 quarantine period. If you find yourself gaining weight during this time, first off, don’t beat yourself up. Your stress and anxiety levels are heightened, not to mention, it’s nearly impossible to get the amount of daily activity that you normally do outside the home. Having said that, you can implement strategies to hold yourself accountable and maintain your weight throughout quarantine.

Track Your Weight

I advise my clients to weigh themselves once a week at the same time of day. This will help you gauge your maintenance. You can even do it twice a week during quarantine. Just remember your weight shifts easily so it’s not a perfect gauge. Keep a diary of your progress or sync your scale to an app.

If you don’t have a scale (or it’s just not your thing), find a pair of skinny pants or a piece of clothing that you wear when you’re feeling your best. This practice will help you think twice about grabbing that unnecessary snack or dessert.

Track Your Food and Drinks

Keeping track of your food and drink intake encourages mindfulness and holds you accountable. It’s more persuasive to make wise food choices when you’re actually recording your intake.

Further, information is power. Perhaps you’re struggling with afternoon snacking because you routinely skip breakfast or lunch. Are you getting enough protein and vegetables? You can use an old school journal or download an app such as MyFitnessPal, LoseIt or Bitesnap.

Track Your Activity

Record your activity and workouts in your journal or app. You want to make sure you’re moving every day, whether it’s an outdoor walk or an at-home workout. Continuing to wear your FitBit or Apple Watch can be beneficial in making you move.

Create an Accountability Group

Make it a team effort. Get everyone in your household to join in your quarantine challenge. You can also put a group of friends together and do daily check-ins.

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