Health care costs are skyrocketing as rates of chronic diseases continue to rise. Studies suggest that 80% of these chronic diseases are completely preventable with lifestyle choices. Therefore, starting a corporate wellness program is a positive measure that can be implemented to enhance employee success. Addressing key lifestyle issues, such as stress management, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness, will increase productivity in the workplace, decrease absenteeism and reduce healthcare and medical costs for the employer.

Why a Corporate Wellness Program

As I’ve observed throughout my practice, most employees appreciate the added perk of a corporate wellness program and are eager to engage. It provides the perfect model for accountability and it allows the employees to have a coach and team of cheerleaders to assist them in reaching their lifestyle goals. It can be extremely difficult to change one’s lifestyle and as a team you feel supported and not alone. There are lots of ways to track progress, such as weekly check-ins and monthly group meetings. For instance, one of my clients, a Chicago law firm, even offers a gym membership and tracks who goes each week. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

It has been my experience that corporate wellness programs build positive relationships in the workplace. Employees realize they have many things in common with their colleagues when they become partners in reaching their lifestyle goals. This translates into a more positive and efficient work environment.

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