We all have goals that we want to achieve – be it losing weight, getting more sleep, spending more time with our family, or eating healthier, just to name a few. However, sometimes we fail to plan and end up back on square one. Or we choose goals that are not realistic. Here are healthy tactics to help you build goals that actually last.

Create an overarching goal and be clear about your why

You want to create an overarching goal that is very specific and be clear about your why. For example, I want to improve my health and quality of life so I will be present for my child or grandchild. Or, I want to lose 20 pounds by summer, so I feel more confident dating again after my divorce. Whenever you feel discouraged, you can gain momentum by going back to your why.

Break it down into more manageable micro-goals

It can be exceedingly overwhelming when you are beginning a new journey. Break things down into small increments and reward each win, big and small. For instance, laser focus on the first 5 pounds, not the whole 20 pounds. Be sure to then celebrate your wins. Maybe you treat yourself to massage or new workout tights. Once you’ve achieved the first five and have rewarded yourself, then focus on the next five and so on.

Plan for any obstacles

Look at your past diet and fitness history, what has derailed you in the past? Did you try a crazy fad diet and completely crash? If so, try a more balanced approach. For instance, start by adding five-plus servings of vegetables to your daily routine or give up processed food and fast food. Instead of hitting the gym five days a week at the get-go when you haven’t worked out in years, shoot for one day a week and track your daily steps. Set yourself up for success and remember it’s about the long game not the short.

Find an accountability partner

When you embark on a new journey, it’s important to have help along the way. Get a group of friends, colleagues or family members together. You can share your progress on an app by tracking your daily food intake and exercise. You could join a group on Facebook or even hire a personal coach to help you stay on track. Remember, changing habits can be difficult, but if you put the right strategies in place and believe in yourself you will rock your life.

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