Many of us are adjusting to a new “normal” in response to the pandemic. People are figuring out how to balance being home with kids while having to work and help with their kids’ online schooling. It is a position that many of us never thought we would be in. Nonetheless, it is important to adopt and adapt the new roles so that everyone in the house – kids, adults, pets – may keep moving forward.

There are four key concepts that I encourage anyone who may be struggling with the new normal to try and, hopefully, embrace. They are being mindful, creating a workable schedule, practicing rituals, and finding your mantra(s).

Mindfulness: What it means and how to incorporate it in your life

Being mindful is being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and how you’re physically feeling – without judgement.

You can be mindful by taking the time to meditate or engage in simple breathing exercises each day to put yourself in the present moment where you are not focusing on the news, your work, or stressed about the future.

Part of achieving mindfulness is through self-care. Self-care is not selfish. When you put yourself first, by taking time for yourself (to meditate, exercise, read, soak in a bath), you are refueling yourself and will be better at taking care of others. Think of the oxygen mask rule on an airplane. If the cabin loses pressure, you are to put your overhead mask on first, then assist others with their masks.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”- Lucille Ball

Create a Daily Workable Schedule

 When we plan things and put it on a schedule, we can make it a reality. Here’s an example:

  1. Select your rise time and set your alarm, whether you’re working remotely or going into the office.
  2. Consistently go to sleep at the same time each night.
  3. Schedule in at least 30 minutes of daily activity (ex. a walk, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), online yoga class, etc.,)
  4. Include time to eat and prepare nutritious meals. See tips on meal prep here.
  5. Create pauses in your day to relax your mind. You may choose to meditate, breathe, read a book or play games with your family.
  6. At the end of your workday, organize a priority list for the following day so you have an execution plan.
  7. Allow for flexibility in your schedule

Practicing Rituals

 Rituals are activities that we engage in to mindfully enhance our lives. They also provide necessary pauses in our days and help us mindfully better ourselves.

A ritual that you embrace could be:

  • Meditating for 10 minutes and then making a green smoothie
  • Taking an afternoon break to mindfully breathe
  • Changing out of your work clothes into comfortable attire in the evening
  • Turning off your electronics an hour before bed

Finding Your Mantra

 What is a mantra? A mantra is a thought used to guide, lead, and protect.

Saying a mantra to yourself when you wake up every morning and before you go to bed each night will stimulate your subconscious mind into achieving your goals.

To create a mantra:

  • Focus on your life right now and what you want to achieve.
  • Take one to two goals for yourself and create a mantra around it.
  • When you say your mantra, say it as if you have already achieved this goal. For instance, “I am healthy and filled with an abundance of energy.”

Whether you are trying to adjust to a new normal, or simply want to live more mindfully, try implementing some or all of these tips and observe how they work for you.

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