“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” 

  • Charles Swindoll

One of my favorite things about being a doggy Momma is that I am constantly learning invaluable life lessons from my beloved Gatsby. He is such a happy lad who always lives in the moment and instinctively follows his gut. Recently he had surgery on his back paw and boy did he teach me a thing or two about the power of a PAWSitive attitude!

When I picked Gatsby up at the Lincolnshire Animal Hospital, he came barreling out to greet me, slipping all over the floor. His leg was bandaged high and he was wearing an air cast! It immediately brought me back to the time when I broke my foot and spent a few miserable months in an orthopedic boot!! We managed to make it to the car and I figured he’d sleep the whole way home. Not my Gatsby!

We took the scenic route, and to my surprise, Gatsby kept gesturing me to open his window. As an overindulgent Momma I of course complied and he took in the summer breeze with a smile across his face. When we pulled into the garage I noticed that he was determined to get moving. It was a little touch and go at first, but by the time we got outside on the sidewalk, he had mastered the air cast and was walking like a champ! He had his head held high and interacted with all our neighbors as he would on any given evening. And it dawned on me how silly I had behaved when I came home from my last surgery.

We’re all guilty of feeling down in the dumps when we suffer setbacks in life whether physical, mental, emotional, or financial. But where does feeling sorry for yourself get you; the answer is nowhere. Instead of crying and complaining about it, Gatsby’s instinct was to figure out how to manage his situation. I have no doubt he would even have taken a dip in the lake if I hadn’t kept a watchful eye on him all weekend long!

How many of you would have handled coming home from surgery like that?!! Probably not me either 😉  BUT the moral of the story is DO NOT let your adversities define you and negate from all the positive things in your life. Figure out a plan (family and friends are great at helping you with this one!) and with a ROCKING attitude you can get past your difficulties and move on to the next chapter in your life with a smile! 🙂


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