This week I’d like to highlight the most generous, kind-hearted woman I know Jeanne Pavlica. She not only has an extraordinary green thumb, but is Mother Nature incarnate. Jeanne is most at home in the natural world and finds joy in gardening wild flowers, organic vegetables and herbs. She created and nurtured the most lovely country home garden and now shares her passion with her family, friends and clients. But there is no one Jeanne enjoyed sharing her love for nature with more than her golden retriever Miss Muffett.

Miss Muffet and Jeanne were the perfect pair. When Jeanne’s husband Frank and son Brendan were gone for the day, it was party time!! Miss Muffet and Jeanne did everything together: ran errands, shopped, cooked, cleaned, and of course, cultivated the family garden. I’m told that not only did Miss Muffet have an affinity for the land, but the water as well. She would routinely wander around her hood and Jeanne would get calls from frantic neighbors concerning which pond Miss Muffet had stopped to take a dip ;). She also loved to go up to Door County with Jeanne and swim in the open water and explore the wooden countryside. And just like Jeanne, Miss Muffet possessed the most motherly temperament. Each day she would meet Brendan at the bus stop and carry his backpack safely home. Miss Muffet provided Jeanne with unconditional love, friendship, and together they found their own independence in the natural world.

Nowadays, Jeanne shares her love for the great outdoors with my Gatsby. “Aunt Jeanne” and Gatsby are the best of friends. He is a frequent guest in her home when I’m busy traveling the world. They go for long walks investigating wildlife, babysit the neighborhood’s children, work in the organic garden and then cook their harvested spoils! Gatsby and I are beyond blessed to have such a Rockstar Doggie Mama like Jeanne in our lives. She is truly such an inspiration to women everywhere. Jeanne has a quite inner-strength, finds beauty in everything around her, doesn’t take herself too seriously, is a forever friend, appreciates the small things in life and does it all with a gentle smile.

Friends: I know many of you too are Rockstar Doggie Mamas with inspiring stories. Please private message me through Facebook or at if you’d be interested in sharing your story. Or if you have a friend you’d like to nominate. ;).

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