“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

-Christopher Reeve

This week I’d like to highlight a truly heroic woman Arlene Schandler. Arlene is vibrant, spunky and truly enjoys everyday of her fabulous life. She is devoted to her children and grandchildren, but confided she felt a little lost when her devoted husband passed away. After all, she still had so much life, energy and love to give the world. Of course, that was until she met her main squeeze Hero. Arlene rescued Hero on the brink of death in Las Vegas, but in fact, it was really Hero who saved Arlene.

Hero has deeply enriched Arlene’s life in many ways. He makes her feel loved, needed and valued. Hero inspires Arlene’s health focused lifestyle. She shops at the local health food store and cooks whole foods to share with Hero. As Arlene pointedly said “You would give your friend the best, and Hero is my best friend.” Arlene keeps Hero fully glammed-out in the most fashionable attire and makes sure he’s always taken care of by the finest dog walker in town when she’s away. Arlene still needs to hit the town with the ladies once and awhile!! ;).

Furthermore, Hero keeps Arlene mentally sharp and physically active. He keeps her on a constant schedule and daily routine. They throw the ball around, garden and go for walks. Hero even insists on a daily “adventure” in the car for a change of scenery. Hero follows Arlene all around the house and snuggles up in bed every night. And of course, Arlene turns the TV off promptly at Hero’s bedtime!! Hero is Arlene’s biggest joy in her newest life chapter. As Arlene gushes, “Hero’s love is pure, genuine, and never ending.” What a phenomenal Rockstar Doggy Momma!!!

Friends: I know many of you too are Rockstar Doggy Mommas with inspiring stories. Please private message me through Facebook or at erin@erincliffordwellness.com if you’d be interested in sharing your story. Or if you have a friend you’d like to nominate. ;).


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