I have a post on my Facebook page that starts out:

“Did you have too much Saturday night?!

Instead of a greasy spoon opt for some eggs and spinach.

Two great hangover cures!!”

Now, if this was posted by someone else there would probably be very little chatter about it but because I promote a healthy lifestyle, people seem to be taken aback. Why would someone who promotes health and wellness be talking about drinking too much and giving a hangover cure?

Just because I’m healthy, doesn’t mean I’m boring!

One of the best ways to get exactly what you are looking for on your health and wellness journey is to be open and honest with yourself and your support system. Do any of these statements resonate with you?

“I don’t dare tell my workout coach that my husband and I go out every Saturday night. I don’t want to get a lecture on how bad alcohol is for me.”

“Sunday dinner is a big deal in my large Italian family. It’s filled with tons of love, laughter, and food, food, & more food. I know I should make better choices on that day but I just love those get-togethers so much and I don’t want to be the girl in the corner eating a salad.”

“Every week I “cheat” and go have an ice cream. It’s the one food that is my ultimate downfall. I keep it to myself so my healthy eating partner isn’t disappointed in me.”

While they may not be the exact words you would choose, most people can identify with the feelings associated with those sentences. There are two things I want to say and I really hope you take them to heart.

First… While your family and friends only want the best for you, ultimately your health and wellness journey is your own. You make the rules and you decide what actions are going to work best for you. Hiding, sneaking, cheating are all negative actions that will derail you before you even know what happened.

Second… No two health and wellness journeys are the same. Maybe my downfall is the fact that every time I eat tuna fish I really want a few potato chips to go with it. You may be able to resist the potato chips but a scoop of ice cream after a spicy meal is something you can’t turn down. We are all unique in what we crave and enjoy.

A friend of mine was recently advised by her physician to meet with a nutritionist due to some evidence of borderline diabetes. Being the up-front person that she is, my friend told her doctor that she would gladly go to a nutritionist in order to learn healthier eating habits but she wanted one who was open minded because she had no plans of giving up her 3 glasses of wine per week. To which her doctor replied, “It’s not about a fad or crash diet. It’s about a lifestyle change. It’s not about how to give up everything you love for 3 months in order to get a better test result. It’s about learning how to incorporate your 3 glasses of wine into a lifestyle of healthy eating that you will be happy to embrace for the rest of your life.”

Needless to say, her physician’s words made her go to the appointment with the nutritionist open minded and feeling empowered.

Beginning a health and wellness journey is not about finding a dictator who will berate you for your choices and demand you follow a strict set of rules and regulations surrounding you’re eating habits and exercise regime. It’s about finding a partner or partners who will listen, advise, inspire, motivate, help you make small changes that you can live with; changes that will yield big results over time. It’s never about making you feel bad about yourself. It’s about helping you get excited about where you are and where you are going.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. Let’s stay connected and support each other. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or my website – all great ways for us to stay in touch. See you there!

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