ECW Tip: Grill Shrimp Skewers for a Light Summer Meal

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Grilled shrimp is a great addition to your summer cookbook. They’re a terrific protein source containing lots of vitamins and minerals AND are super low in calories. One medium shrimp provides about 7 calories, which means a dozen add up to less than 85 calories!!!

Should Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?!

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Once upon a time, Gatsby, a handsome golden retriever, awoke during a cold winter’s night and thought his Momma’s bed looked rather enticing. He climbed up, snuggled in and carefully tried not to wake his Momma. Of course she awoke with a fright in the morning when she saw this furry creature on the pillow beside her.

ROCK Your Bikini: Part I

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Summer is finally here, and with the weather heating up, no more hiding under your over sized sweater!! But don’t fret. Here are five simple tweaks that will keep you looking bikini ready all summer long:

ECW Quick Tip: Eat Cucumbers for Weight Loss

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Cucumbers are one of the vegetables with the highest water content, which means they offer valuable vitamins and minerals, while still being super low in calories – only about 16 calories per cup. Since they are about 95 percent water and full of fiber, they take up room in your tummy and visually add volume to your meals without weighing you down.

Rockstar Doggy Momma: Marya Lucas

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Meet this week’s creative Rockstar Doggy Momma: Marya Lucas. Marya is beautiful, kind and extremely adventurous. She is fearless in her endeavors, whether it’s traveling abroad, break dancing, acting in an improvisational class or mastering her Spanish speaking skills.

Shouldn’t Kindness be the Norm and NOT the exception?!

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Saturday morning I was enjoying one of my favorite past times, grocery shopping at the Whole Foods. As you can imagine with all the cooking we do Gatsby and I had quite the cart full. When I began to unload my first item at checkout, a woman came up behind me and started unloading her cart onto the conveyor belt without even putting up a divider.

How to Get Back on Track!!

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Who hasn’t fallen off the wagon from time to time?! Maybe you over indulged after a the long holiday weekend and your work clothes are feeling a little too snug. Or you’ve been so busy you haven’t made it to the gym in weeks.

Curb Late-Night Eating

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Do you ever find yourself sitting in front of the television binging on Netflix and your favorite processed carbs or sugary delight?! Are you starving an hour after you finished your healthy dinner and craving sugar or salt?! We all experience these late night cravings, but there are steps you can take to balance your hormones, stop the cravings, and end the nighttime binges.

Dessert Stomach: What Exactly Is It?

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We’ve all been there. We’ve all suffered from what is known as dessert stomach. You most likely think it is just a result of being gluttonous but would it make you feel better to know that it is actually triggered by a chemical reaction in the brain?