Reflecting on Your Victories

Health Tips

As the decade ends, be sure to reflect on your accomplishments big and small. Too many times we focus on what didn’t happen or what we want to achieve in the future. But it’s just as important to reflect on our wins big and small. End the decade by patting yourself on the back to … Read More

Make 2020 the Year of No Excuses

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One of the biggest hurdles that individuals face is what I refer to as the “excuses merry-go-round”. There will always be some reason big or small not to stick with your lifestyle routine. Maybe you’re too busy to exercise, you’re not sleeping well, your back hurts, you don’t want to get up early or you’re … Read More

Holiday Destresser: Decorate a Gingerbread House

Health Tips

Doing holiday activities can be a very positive experience. Today I went to a gingerbread making lunch with my Mom, sister, and some friends. It was so therapeutic! This is a fun-filled way to destress this holiday season! Plus, every work of art is a winner. I encourage you to get a group of friends … Read More

Erin Clifford’s Holiday Gift Guide

Health Tips

The holidays are practically here which means it’s time to start holiday gift buying! Here are some of my favorite health-related things, which would make fab gifts for your girlfriends. Time to shop! Dutch Oven An enameled cast-iron Dutch Oven is my all-time favorite kitchen essential. It is extremely versatile and the perfect kitchen tool … Read More

How to Keep Your Holiday Stress Down

Health Tips

The holiday season is upon us and it can be a stressful time for many individuals. From the parties to the extra family and work activities, to the financial burden of buying presents and entertaining, it can get overwhelming. The best way to quiet the overwhelm is to make time for you and your needs. … Read More

How to Build a Guilt Free Thanksgiving Plate

Health Tips, Nutrition

When it comes to diet, I’ve always been a big fan of balance. While I do emphasize eating non-starchy vegetables and lean protein meals, I couldn’t go without including my favorite family staples such as macaroni and cheese and my Grandma’s famous apple pie. Both of which I’ll be cooking for my family’s Thanksgiving celebration. … Read More

My Favorite Travel Snacks

Travel Tips

When traveling, it’s important to keep your energy level up and cravings at bay throughout your journey. The airport, gas station and convenience stores are chock-full of processed snacks that may be calling your name. Plus, if you’re on a long trip the desire to eat out of boredom may become overwhelming. Therefore, be sure … Read More

Using the Four Tendencies to Change a Habit

Health Tips

I recently listened to a podcast that I thought was super relevant for anyone looking to make a lifestyle change. When I initially began health coaching, it took me a minute to wrap my head around the idea that everyone was not like me and needed unique strategies and motivation to succeed in making real … Read More

How to Enjoy Your Vacation Without Falling Off the Wagon

Travel Tips

When I arrived in London, the first stop on my honeymoon tour, I was determined to enjoy myself while still maintaining my lifestyle. After all, I worked hard to fit into my wedding dress, but I’m totally planning on sampling beers, brats and pretzels at Oktoberfest. Here are a few tips that routinely work for … Read More

How to Overcome Jet Lag

Travel Tips

Many of my clients travel quite frequently so I’m always looking for ways to help minimize jet lag. Here are some proven tips on how to overcome jet lag. Hydration is key. Traveling on airplanes significantly dehydrates your body. Be sure to drink lots of water when flying and when you arrive at your destination. … Read More